Sara is a researcher and writer, an art practitioner, a lecturer, a strategic advisor in the field of creativity and technology and a PhD candidate in Design at the Politecnico di Milano.

Conferences, Publications

International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD) 2019 - paper “Disclosing Cyber Attacks on Water Distribution Systems. An Experimental Approach to the Sonification of Threats and Anomalous Data”. Northumbria University, June 2019.

2CO - Communicating Complexity - Presentation “Beyond what meets the eye. Sonifying data for increased awareness”, Politecnico di Milano, 2019.

micromesomacro - Exploring the frontiers of data representation - Presentation “Data Sonification. A chronicle of a death foretold?”, IXXI - Ecole Nationale Supérieur de Lyon, 2018.

S-IIDS Sound Image and Interactivity Doctroal Symposium - Presentation “Designing Data Experiences With Sound. A Multi-Sensory Integrated Approach for a Human-Centred Representation of Complexity.”, Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute, 2018.

Reviewer at Computer Music Journal, MIT Press

International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD) 2018 - paper and presentation “Humanising Data through Sound: Res Extensae and a User-Centric Approach to Data Sonification”. Michigan Technological University, Houghton, Michigan, U.S.A

Taste the Moment - Sound Bites - workshop on food and sound multi-modal interaction, Singapore, 2018.

MART Museo di arte contemporanea di Rovereto - Presentation and panel discussion of the book Nuove geografie del suono by Leandro Pisano, 2017.

Singapore University of Technology and Design - Crits for the Design and Innovation final presentations, 2016/2017.

Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture - 2016. Paper Urban Participatory Design through Technology: Birloki System, a Network of Interactive Interfaces.

National University of Singapore - 2015. Seminar What is Audio Branding.

Sound and Interactivity Symposium - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2015. Chairman of the session Music perception and cognition.

Audio Branding Yearbook - Berlin, 2015. Author of the Introduction. Ed Nomos.

Singapore School of the Arts (SOTA) - 2015. Soundwalk.

CUTE Center, Human Computer Interaction, NUS - Singapore, 2014. Talk Interactive Urban Spaces. 

City Data Future - Venice, 2014. Poster session Birloki system.

Media Architecture Biennale - Aarhus, 2014. Nominee for the City of the Future award.

ReOrient Express - Web project, 2013. Interviewed on city future and urbanism.

WELLCome Magazine - 2013. Short story Soundscape.

Sound and Interactivity Symposium - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2013. Talk Foodfrequency: a Food and Sound Cross-Modal Immersive Experience.


Symposium on Acoustic Ecology - University of Kent, 2013. Poster session Foodfrequency: a multisensory participatory experience through food and sound.

Ottagono, Architecture and Design Magazine - Milan, 2013. Featured sound designer in the special issue Effetto Surround.

Lasalle College of the Arts - Singapore, 2013-2015. Lecturer, Music Technology and the Puttnam School of Film.

Smart City Congress - Bologna, 2013. Talk Birloki. An interactive urban design for the city of the future.

International Creative Industry Exhibition - Shenzhen, PRC, 2013. Sound Design representative for the European Union.

National University of Singapore - 2012. Talk Foodfrequency. A multisensory participatory experience through food and sound.

Polimoda Fashion Institute- Florence, 2011. Workshop The sound of fashion.

Tempo Reale Festival - Florence, 2011. Soundwalk series.

Giugiaro Architettura Annual, Design for Architecture - Milan, 2010. Featured Sound Designer.

Audio Branding Congress - Hamburg, 2010. Talk Sound for electric vehicles. Panel discussion The future of automotive.

Festival della Creatività - Florence, 2010. Round table New forms of creative communication.

WIRED Magazine - 2010. Interview.

DUE.1 - Digital User Experience Festival, Milan, 2010. Talk Sonic Interaction Design.

IA Summit - Information Architecture Summit, Pisa, 2010. Talk Sonic Sketching.

Scuola Holden - Turin, 2010-2009. Workshop Sound for scriptwriting.

Istituto Europe di Design - Milan, 2009. Seminar Sound Design for Film.

University of Bologna - Faculty of Engineering, 2008. Seminar Interactivity and sound installations.

Conservatory of Rovigo - 2008. Seminars History of electronic music.

Struttura #3 Organica - Livorno, 2008. Paper A threnody to listening. Short diary of a sound installation. In "The living in the digital sea". Ed CLUEB. 

Festival della Creatività - Florence, 2006. Panel discussion Sound Visions.

Exhibitions, Performances

Umanità Aumentata - Augmented Humanity - Circolo del Design, Torino, 2019. Data Sonification artwork While I was not there, 2017.

Art-O-Rama, International Fair of Contemporary Art - Marseille, 2017. Sound design for the video work Upper by Rebecca Ann Tess 2016. 

Liminaria - Benevento, 2017. An empty stream, a great silence, an impenetrable forest. Data Sonification Project of the Benevento forest.

Osiris Interreg - Trento, 2017. Res Extensae. Data Sonification Project of the river Adige. 

Portobeseno - Trento, 2017. While I was not there. Data Sonification Project of meteorological data.

In Situ : Out of Place - Villa Romana, Florence, 2016. Collective exhibition. Sound design for the video work Upper by Rebecca Ann Tess 2016. 

Philipp von Rosen Gallery - Cologne, 2016. Sound design for the video work Upper by Rebecca Ann Tess. 

Palais de Tokio - Paris, 2015. Collective exhibition "Secret Archipelagos, Contemporary South East Asian Art". Sound design for the work by Shirley Soh.

World Listening Day - 2014. Residencia en la tierra in "Decision", collective album. Ed Sonic Terrain.

Voices - dance theatre play. Singapore National Library Black Box, 2012.  Brisbane University Theatre, 2013. Live sound design.

Portobeseno - Trento, 2011. Microcosmi. Live performance.

Samples Under the Dome - White Night, Florence, 2011. 

Samples Under the Dome - Santa Maria Novella, Florence, 2010. Live performance, New Year's Eve. 

Mnemosyne - Avellino, 2010. Collective sound art exhibition. Unsettled Times. Video work.

Portobeseno - Trento, 2009. La voce delle cose. Sound installation and live performance.

Radio Papesse - Contemporary Art Radio, 2009. Sonic Incursions, 6 short pieces.



Posaranda - Commissioned by Azienda Promozione Turistica Trentina, 2009. Sound installation

Tocatì International Festival of Gaming - Verona, 2009. Voci di Morra. Sound installation.

European Festival of Photography - Lembranças, Sonic Rooms. Interactive sound installation.

Tempo Reale Festival - Cantieri Goldonetta, Florence, 2009. Phonomachia. Collective electronic music performance.

Codici Binari - Festival della Creatività, Florence, 2009. Collective exhibition, video work. 

100 Years of Futurism Manifesto -Conservatory "Steffani", Castelfranco Veneto, 2009. Cubes. Multi-channel interactive installation.

Struttura #3 Organica - Livorno, 2008. Nice Laguna Trip. 5.1 sound installation.

Casa Masaccio - San Giovanni Valdarno, 2008. Nice Laguna Trip. 5.1 sound installation.

Tempo Reale Festival - Cantieri Goldonetta, Florence, 2008. An Imaginary Cage. Sound installation. Winner of "Emergenze Creative" Award.

Quel che resta della follia - Ex Ospedale Psichiatrico di Reggio Emilia, 2007. Live surrounding mixing sound installation.

REC Festival - Reggio Emilia, 2006. Organo Magico, Organo Laico.  Live surround sound installation. 

REC Festival - Reggio Emilia, 2005. The rose has teeth in the mouth of the beast. Live performance with Matmos. 

Angelica Festival - Bologna, 2005. Messa Elettronica. Electroacoustic work.

Angelica Festival - Bologna, 2004. La voce mediata. Electroacoustic work.

Brand Clients

Aeroporto di Firenze - Florence, Italy

APOT Associazione Produttori Ortofrutticoli - Trento, Italy

Architects of Air - Nottingham, UK

Art Science Museum - Singapore

BMW Asia - Singapore

Changi Airport Group - Singapore

Citibank - Singapore

Consorzio Pecorino Toscano - Tuscany, Italy

Ducati Motors - Bologna, Italy

Etro - Milan, Italy

FIAMM - Vicenza, Italy

Fujitsu Design - Tokio, Japan

Hypnos - Trento, Italy

Isko Denim - Milano, Italy

Giugiaro Architettura - Milan, Italy

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore - Singapore

ITALMEC Group of Companies - Singapore

JWMarriott Luxury Brand - Singapore

Menarini APAC Pharmaceutical - Singapore

MUVI - Venice, Italy

Museo Caproni - Trento, Italy

Museo di Storia Naturale - Florence, Italy

nerei emotional intelligent - Bilbao, Basque Country

Silvian Heach Kids - Naples, Italy

SIAM Design Hotel - Bangkok, Thailand

SICIS Mosaic Factory - Italy, Singapore

Volkswagen Asia - Singapore


PhD, Design - candidate at the Faculty of Design of the Politecnico di Milano.

MA, Philosophy - master's degree in philosophy of science, magna cum laude, University of Bologna.

MA, Electronic Music - master's degree in electronic music, first, Conservatory of Bologna.

BA, Saxophone - bachelor degree in saxophone, first, Conservatory of Bologna.

BA, Sound Design for Multimedia - bachelor's degree in Sound Design, first, Conservatory of Bologna.



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